Thursday, September 1, 2011

honda wave 125 i

Product page. Technical information. Key.
The real leader of The Professional remarkable leadership. The overload is far more difficult to keep up with it. With the nozzle. The first version of Thailand's unique genius. Evolution of the strength of the track. The world latent in all the excitement of life at warp speed one mile in a style that is distinctive, with The Professional.
I - Light the fire and turn it into a style. Separate independent like tripping over your eyes.I - Motif Motif color and eye color with a new graphic style of leadership.I - Dimention Body cover design. It blends in with the windshield 3-D.I - Sure brake system ensures a high of Dr. Frederick.

Injection, Honda's genius.
I - Key Shutter Plus.Convenience and security that comes with modernization. You can restart your computer and the upholstery in the same location.

I - Sport at the Key.A sleek sports.
Injection system PGM - FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) system, fuel is injected and controlled by a computer robot ECU (Engine Control Unit), the efficiency of the fuel, the precise and accurate response to the needs of the engine. t the point. I work full-power burn purely inspirational complete exhaust cleaner. And maximum fuel economy.The inspirational power of all the driving. 125 cc 4-stroke engine causes the fuel injection system PGM - FI age 2.World-class technology from the race with a perfect synchronization between the robot ECU.And sensors, and 6 points in the control and Direct injection. The cost of fuel. Precisely meet the needs of the driver does not take long.
PGM - FI (click here).The new injection system, intelligent eyes and a PGM - FI Honda.Power to meet an accelerated rate over narration.To clean the exhaust. The exhaust is better. Level 5 emissions standard that is used in the current half.The most fuel efficient than Honda's 125 cc engine and 6% **.(** Testing by engineers from Honda).Easy maintenance, reliability and usability.

The standard engine.Honda 4-stroke.125 cc engine life, more than double the oil change (8,000 km).The engine went silent. The tongue was a complex chain of sound (Silent Chain), which gives life to 2 times longer than the original cost of care.Start by reducing the pressure to Ebaแrg automatically. (Decompressure Start System) is a set of automatic clutch allows the two sets of gears, smooth, not jerky.

I - Digital Digital Meter with a graphic that shows the oil level is not a number. The lights of the injection U - Box-purpose boxes under the seat.
I - Comfort.Sporty and comfortable leather seats.I - Chic.The exhaust from the extreme sports.With the heat.
I - Smooth.The big shock.Support for all driving conditions I - Fin.Body Fin Sport Weather Channel airs.

I - Matrix.The pair of light 2.Matrix Eyed.A unique angle.

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